Quarantine Home Workout Bundle

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No matter your circumstances this bundle allows you to best action your training and nutrition to pursue your goals. Discover your true potential by raising the bar in both how you train and eat. At the 365 we define ourselves not by our circumstances but rather on how we choose to respond. This package allows you to respond with the best choices.


  1. 30-Day Bodyweight Workout
  2. 30Day Gym Equipment Workout
  3. 365 Nutrition Checklist
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If you’re stuck at home and can’t go to the gym, that doesn’t mean giving up on your wellness journey. I know that a lot of people are hurting and needing to work out at home for the first time. That’s why I put together this quarantine bundle.

Focus on your workout with the 30-day fundamental bodyweight training program. I created this workout program as an introductory program for my 365 Program but you can purchase it right now for a training program while you’re stuck inside during your self-imposed or ordered quarantine. Who knows? You might even do it again after seeing your progress.

With some extra time to cook and more time being spent near our food pantry, I also wanted to include our Nutrition Checklist to make sure that you keep on top of your diet. Utilize the principles in this Nutrition Checklist to help keep you focused and disciplined.

Once you’re able to get to the gym, or if you are lucky enough to have a true home gym, I also wanted to make sure that you had another option. That’s why I included my 30day fundamental gym equipment program as well.